Fueled by endless curiosity

How do we take data, understand it, and use it to impact change? That’s a million dollar question I ask myself everyday. Straddled between media strategists and spreadsheets, I take everyday business questions, churn them, and spit out an answer to steer clients into the correct decision. There’s no right or wrong answer to the questions I get asked, but I can get darn close to a “correct” answer and help propel businesses forward. That’s the exciting part in all of this – to see how close I actually got after the fact.

In my daily life, I also ask a million questions and try to piece the answer together through information gathered from news sites, blogs, social media, and even those around me. I want to use this blog to document some of the most interesting questions I’ve been answering, provide tips for up and coming trend enthusiasts, and pave the way for those that have just begun their journey in the data world.


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