New hood, new feels


I recently moved in with my boyfriend of 4 years (yeee I know!!) and went from living in  SOMA to Nob Hill. What a transition.

After living in SOMA for 3 years, I was beginning to fall out of love with San Francisco. I was going to the same restaurants, running by the same water, and hanging out with the same friends. When I decided to move in with my boyfriend, we were totally considering moving to a different city. In the end, we settled on Nob Hill for a variety of reasons, but mostly because we were both still doing well in our careers here and it didn’t make sense to move elsewhere, yet.

I’m so glad we decided to move to Nob Hill, because this is the cutest neighborhood ever, DEFINITELY UNDERRATED. And I have fallen back in love with San Francisco. Does our view of the Golden Gate bridge have to do with it? Maybe.

We are located in upper Nob Hill, bordering Russian Hill, which is also very close to Marina. If you ask any San Franciscan, they’ll agree with me that this area is extremely bougie, with girls in yoga pants walking around at all times, coffee in hand. At first I thought, ‘ew do these girls even work out?’ And now I’ve turned into one of them, no shame.

This neighborhood is filled with cute coffee shops, amazing restaurants (most which I can’t afford), and many workout studios. The only part I didn’t like when moving into this hood, but am slowly getting used to is the hills. I’m a runner but not one good with hills WHATSOEVER, so I’ve been slacking for my fear of going up and down these monstrous streets. I’m hoping this is something I’ll overcome with time. I mean, no pain no gain, right?

All in all, I am IN LOVE with my new hub, and I still have so much to explore.

Xoxo, Viv